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Our Masterclass-style program is designed to help you learn anywhere and anytime. By becoming a Limitless Curling Club your membership gains access to over 4 hours of video, and contacts for athletes from around the world that are ready to help answer any questions you have to improve your game.

Online Anytime

Be the best version of yourself with a little help from our friends. Send replay reviews and even hop on calls with your favourite athletes.

Modern Learn To Curl

A great addition to club learn to curl programs, get skills and drills for all levels of athletes.

Be Limitless


Access over 4 hours of professional quality video about curling anytime.

Replay Reviews

Send your practice videos and game footage to top athletes for review.

1-1 Mentorship

Hop into video calls with athletes that are ready to answer your questions directly.

Club Pricing

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5 p/Member
*Individual access starting at $295

4 Hour Video Masterclass
Replay Reviews
Beginner & Advanced Drills
Meal Plans
Athlete Conversations
Direct Contact With Top Athletes

“The video course from @limitlesscurling is like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm able to send replays of my team to top athletes that translates to overall game improvements. If you're tired of just participating and you're ready to compete this is your chance!”

Austin Snyder
Team Canada (U21)

“Learn to curl usually happens at the start of curling season and it's a lot of information to process and retain for the entire year. Limitless online teaching is available as a refresher or to learn new skills and you can access it anytime! This is one of the best learning tools available to all skill levels. @limitlesscurling have invented a new way to improve your game.”

Jo-Ann Rizzo
Team Galusha

“Finally the digital coaching program our sport deserves! @limitlesscurling have raised the standard in multi-media training for curling and it's going to get a lot more people curling.”

Jim Waite
Olympic Coach

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